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At Froe Bros Drilling, we serve Cook, Minnesota, and surrounding areas with water well drilling and pump sales and service. Our services include submersible and jet pumps, as well as new well system installation, water well sealing, hydro-fracking and associated equipment and products.


Basic installation information and terms related to submersible pumps.

Vertical Lift/Elevation

The vertical distance between the well head and the level at the point of use. It must be added to the TOTAL DYNAMIC HEAD if the inlet is lower than the outlet and subtracted if the inlet is higher. As a rule of good installation practice, however, pipes should slope continuously upward from the inlet to the outlet to prevent entrapment of air.

Service Pressure

The range of pressure in the pressure tank during the pumping cycle.

Pumping Level

The lowest water level reached during pumping operation.

Static / Standing Water Level

The undisturbed level of water in the well before pumping. Not as important as pumping level.


The distance that the water level in the well is lowered by pumping. It is the difference between the STATIC WATER LEVEL and the PUMPING LEVEL.

Friction Loss

The loss of pressure or head due to the resistance to flow in the pipe and fittings. Friction loss is influenced by pipe size and fluid velocity, and is usually expressed in feet of head.

Horizontal Run

The horizontal distance between the point where fluid enters a pipe and the point at which it leaves.

Total Dynamic Head or TDH

TDH and capacity required determines pump size. The total pressure or head the pump must develop is the sum of the VERTICAL LIFT/ELEVATION, THE SERVICE PRESSURE, PUMPING LEVEL, and THE FRICTION LOSS. All of these measurements must be expressed in the same units, usually feet of head or pressure (PSI), before adding them together.

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